I am pleased to announce the release of my book 

“The Betrayal of America: Revisiting the 9/11 Evidence.”

The book deals with the events of 9/11 from a scholarly and critical perspective. It reflects 17 years of research. The book is devoted to the American people, who have been severely betrayed by their leaders, media and institutions to support wars and the erosion of civil rights.


The book’s approach is unique in several respects:

It provides a comprehensive, concise and thoroughly documented evaluation of the 9/11 attacks and the response to these attacks with nearly 1,000 annotations. It can serve as a compact one-stop reference book on 9/11 for scholars, journalists and decision-makers.

This digital book provides readers a one-click-access to almost all cited source documents. 

Each of the 16 chapters of the book proves, independently of each other, that the U.S. government has been covering up the truth on 9/11. The cumulative effect of this modular architecture is to endow the overall argument an unusually resilient potency.

The book proves conclusively that the mass-murder of 9/11 was NOT carried out by Islamic terrorists.

The mass-murder of 9/11 is placed in a historical context, namely as a response by the U.S. elite to the demise of the Soviet Union and the loss of a highly profitable enemy perception. The mass-murder helped to justify in the eyes of the American people, despite the end of the Cold War, the maintenance of a huge military apparatus, global military interventions, and the cohesion of the Atlantic Alliance (NATO) under U.S. leadership.

In addition to these unique features, the book contains numerous new and significant facts regarding 9/11 that have not yet been reported, as well as two annexes. Annex A provides statistical data demolishing the myth that international terrorism constitutes a serious threat to the United States and to other countries. Annex B offers a method that helps to differentiate between genuine terrorist attacks and false-flag operations. 

The book can be downloaded free of charge from www.aldeilis.net/betrayal.pdf. Donations will be appreciated.

The book’s chapters can also be accessed individually:

Introduction:   PDF -  HTML

Chapter 1: The road to 9/11:  PDF - HTML

Chapter 2: Establishing the 9/11 myth: PDF - HTML

Chapter 3:  No evidence of 19 Muslim hijackers:  PDF - HTML

Chapter 4: Were the 9/11 “hijackers” real Muslims?   PDF - HTML

Chapter 5: Did the “hijackers” possess the required flying skills?   PDF - HTML

Chapter 6: Did the “hijackers” try to remain “below the radar”?  PDF - HTML

Chapter 7: “Sophisticated, calculated and coordinated terrorists”? PDF - HTML

Chapter 8: No identification of aircraft wreckage:  PDF - HTML

Chapter 9:  Implausible crash sites:  PDF - HTML

Chapter 10:  “Crashed aircraft” that continue to fly:  PDF - HTML

Chapter 11:  Reporting bogus events from aircraft:   PDF - HTML

Chapter 12:  What caused the disintegration of the Twin Towers?  PDF - HTML

Chapter 13: The demise of the third skyscraper, WTC No. 7:  PDF - HTML

Chapter 14:  How was the mass murder of 9/11 investigated?  PDF - HTML

Chapter 15:  How was silence of victims’ families bought?  PDF - HTML

Chapter 16:   Mass murder in the shadow of military exercises:   PDF - HTML

Concluding reflections:  PDF - HTML

Annex A:  International terrorism – Myth and reality: PDF - HTML

Annex B:  Criteria for distinguishing between authentic terrorism and covert state operations:  PDF - HTML