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Raytheon mysterious links to 9/11”ReportID=239

Susan Massihzadeh has been named senior program manager for Raytheon Airport Services (sic), a business unit of Raytheon Engineers & Constructors in Denver.  [The correct name is Raytheon Ai

Raytheon Engineers & Constructors (part of Raytheon Corporation)

Responding to a mix of external and internal factors that were affecting performance, Raytheon Engineers & Constructors (RE&C) began to transform itself in 1998. The business started the year by significantly consolidating its operations; reassessed during the summer its entire structure and operations; and then announced a turnaround plan and new strategic direction.

RE&C reported 1998 sales of $2.1 billion and an operating loss of $253 million. RE&C reported 1997 sales of $2.3 billion and operating income of $19 million. Excluding restructuring and special charges and the 1998 non-recurring charge of $310 million, operating earnings were $101 million and $144 million in 1998 and 1997, respectively.

Five Raytheon engineers died in the planes on 9/11:
“Coincidentally, five key Raytheon executives died onboard three of the four doomed 9/11 flights, a mystery that Schwarz claims is more than just a coincidence. The executives who perished on 9/11 include: Stanley Hall, director of the Electronic Warfare Program (American 77); David Kovalcin, senior mechanical engineer for Electronic Systems (American 11); Peter Gay, vice president of Electronic Systems on special assignment at the El Segundo, CA division office where the Global Hawk UAV remote control system is made (American 11); Kenneth Waldie, senior quality control engineer for Electronic Systems (American 11); and Herbert Homer, a corporate executive working with the Department of Defense (United 175).”

Bin Laden family members were flown out from the hangar of Raytheon Aircraft Services at Tampa, Florida.

Operation Pearl

Operation Pearl

A. K. Dewdney, September 2003

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"Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event