Anthrax? The F.B.I. Yawns

New York Times Anthrax? The F.B.I. Yawns By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF Published: July 2, 2002 The F.B.I.'s bumbling before 9/11 is water under the bridge. But the bureau's lackadaisical ineptitude in pursuing the anthrax killer continues to threaten America's … Continue reading

Testimony on Anthrax scare Richard Ochs (On the Anthrax scare and its political implications) I’m not an expert on anthrax. I’m a freelance writer. I’ve published in the Baltimore Sun, the Baltimore Chronicle, the Times Magazine, but more than a writer, I’m an … Continue reading

Smallpox and Anthrax Scare Planned Years Before 9-11

Smallpox and Anthrax Frights Planned Years Before 9-11: Government and Drug Industry Collusion Cited Tetrahedron Publishing Group Health Science Communications for People Around the World NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                                   Release: No. DITA-90                                                                                                 Date Mailed: Sept. 25, … Continue reading

The Anthrax – Bin Laden Connection THE ANTHRAX – BIN LADEN CONNECTION  While there is no evidence that Usama Bin Laden is responsible for the current anthrax attacks in the United States, there are indications that Bin Laden’s network acquired anthrax and other biological agents … Continue reading