The Cellphone and Airfone Calls from Flight UA93

If the hijackings of September 11 were staged, the organization responsible would also be sure to add other elements to the basic plan, not only developing lists of hijackers, but sending fake cellphone calls from some of the passengers. The following analysis focuses on Flight 93, from which more alleged cellphone calls were made than from the other three flights combined.
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A 40-minute phonecall from a hijacked plane ?

A crucial element in this news report is that Vanessa Minter reportedly  talked with Betty Ong on Flight AA11 for 40 minutes, starting "minutes after 8 am", that is only minutes after the plane took off, according to the article at 7:59 am.  This account is contradicted by official accounts, such as the Final Report of the Commission of Inquiry.  

One should note that Jennifer Julin, the journalist, does not indicate whether she personally interviewed or met Vanessa Minter, nor where the interview took place.  Yet such information is regularly given when an interview is conducted by the journalist.

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