David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s Segregationist Founder

‘The danger we face is that the great majority of those children whose parents did not receive an education for generations will descend to the level of Arab children,” Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, declared at a July 1962 meeting. He was speaking with the head of a teachers federation on the question of whether to segregate “Mizrahi” children, whose parents came from Muslim countries, from “Ashkenazi” children in school.

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The quantum mechanics of Israeli totalitarianism

With its matrix of control, Israel has achieved an unparalleled and uniquely successful synergy of “bio” and “necro”-politics, controlling life and death at most every scale of Palestinian existence. The matrix is continuously adjusted with as much care as Israel has adjusted the caloric intake of Gazans during its periodic intensifications of the Gazan siege.

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Racism is the Foundation of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge

http://www.jadaliyya.com/pages/index/18732/racism-is-the-foundation-of-israels-operation-prot Racism is the Foundation of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge Jul 30 2014, by Joel Beinin On 30 June Ayelet Shaked, chairwoman of the Knesset faction of the ultra-right wing ha-Bayit ha-Yehudi (Jewish Home) Party, a key member of the … Continue reading

Palestinian Right of Return: International Law Analysis

BADIL – Information & Discussion Brief Issue No.8 , January 2001 Palestinian Refugees and the Right of Return: An International Law Analysis Gail J. Boling BADIL-Briefs aim to support the Palestinian-Arab and international debate about strategies for promotion of Palestinian … Continue reading