The Taste of Mulberries

“At that moment, together with the scorching sun and the dust, I felt in my mouth the taste of the mulberries, and I understood what homeland means, and also, for the first time, vaguely and at a distance and a little bit afraid, I understood that this homeland, the homeland of the songs and of school textbooks, is simply just the taste of mulberries, and the smell of dust, and the moist earth in winter, and the colour of the sky, and that it is a homeland not only for me, but also for Rashid Masarwa.”

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Palestinian Right of Return: International Law Analysis

BADIL – Information & Discussion Brief Issue No.8 , January 2001 Palestinian Refugees and the Right of Return: An International Law Analysis Gail J. Boling BADIL-Briefs aim to support the Palestinian-Arab and international debate about strategies for promotion of Palestinian … Continue reading