Gabriel Weimann, Terrorism in Cyberspace (Book Review)

The author’s book is presented by Bruce Hoffman, who wrote the introduction, as embodying “the hallmarks of Weimann’s decades of scholarship: presenting a comprehensive, thoughtful, and sober analysis – supported by voluminous empirical evidence and trenchant, revealing examples.” Gabriel Weimann’s book does not deserve such ode. One of the elementary tasks of a scholar is to substantiate the facts he or she is presenting by attaching to factual claims verifiable and trustworthy evidence. Another elementary task of scholarly writing is to refrain from omitting relevant facts. As shown below, Weimann’s book represents a collection of unsubstantiated claims and negligent omissions. His book lacks therefore scholarly value.

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Book Review of Bruce Hoffman’s “Inside Terrorism”

The author is Director of the Center of Security Studies and of the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University. He worked for many years at RAND Corporation. His books on terrorism have been translated into several languages. He is often invited by mainstream media to comment on terrorism issues. While utterly useless as a textbook on terrorism, Bruce Hoffman’s book can be profitably used by aspiring academic prostitutes.

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Suicide bombers have distinctive personality traits.

Suicide Terrorism By: Kaja Perina  Psychology Today Summary: Suicide bombers have distinctive personality traits. Find a therapistnear you. Enter your City or Zip: In 1983, when Shiite Muslims died in suicide attacks on American military barracks in Beirut, psychologists labeled them mentally unstable individuals with death … Continue reading