An example of British police destroying criminal evidence Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission Press release: Immediate 22 January 2007 COLLUSION REPORT DEMONSTRATES NEED FOR EFFECTIVE SCRUTINY AND ACCOUNTABILITY OF NATIONAL SECURITY The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission condemns the human rights violations revealed in the report released … Continue reading

Mohammed Sidique Khan: In memoriam

Mohammed Sidique Khan who has been accused as the head of the gang of four who committed the suicide bombings in London on July 7, 2005, is described by his friends and acquaintances as a "gentle man", a "virtuous man", who won respect as a social worker committed to ridding the streets of drugs, being involved in a 2001 government study on fighting drug use. The author proposes that Leeds Municipal Council should erect a plaque or some memorial for this model citizen, this paragon of virtue, and should remember how much he achieved in his thirty short years.
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