Real Americans Question 9/11

On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, the Center for Constitutional Rights described how the Constitution had been shredded based on assumptions about the 9/11 attacks. By then, it had also become clear that the government was actually giving aid and comfort to the enemy (violating Article 3) through arming and training terrorists. One might think it obvious that stopping such actions would be the goal of all Americans but to do so one Congress member has had to spell it out in legislation.

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Police State USA and the NDAA: Creating American Terrorists

Defenders of the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act, which declares the entire world to be a “battlefield” against terrorism and authorizes the U.S. military to detain indefinitely anyone suspected of being a terrorism supporter, have claimed that the White House will only use its new power carefully and with due process. Opponents note that the White House has never hesitated to use any new authority, no matter how outrageous, and that the trend of law enforcement and security agencies is to expand on powers granted, not to rein them in or limit them.

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Rationalizing random police crackdowns

A Theory of Optimal Random Crackdowns October 2008 Abstract: This paper develops an incentives-based theory of policing that can explain the phenomenon of random “crackdowns,” which are intermittent periods of high interdiction/surveillance. We show that, when police minimize the crime rate, random crackdowns … Continue reading

Police to get mobile fingerprint scanners amid plans to hold random identity checks

Police to get mobile fingerprint scanners amid plans to hold random identity checks By MATTHEW DRAKE Last updated at 7:06 PM on 27th October 2008 Police forces will be issued with mobile fingerprint scanners amid plans to carry out … Continue reading

U.S. prepares long-term plan for jailing indefinitely terror suspects San Francisco Chronicle U.S. prepares long-term plan for jailing of terror suspectsMore permanent approach sought for indefinite detainment Dana Priest, Washington Post Sunday, January 2, 2005 Washington — Administration officials are preparing long-range plans for indefinitely imprisoning suspected terrorists … Continue reading

COINTELPRO – FBI surveillance system COINTELPRO is an acronym for a series of FBI counterintelligence programs designed to neutralize political dissidents. Although covert operations have been employed throughout FBI history, the formal COINTELPRO’s of 1956-1971 were broadly targeted against radical political organizations. In the … Continue reading