Hijack suspect lived a life, or a lie

The Lebanese student, Ziad Jarrah, says the FBI, helped hijack United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco. But for that to be true, the young engineer would have had to live a double life worthy of a first-rate spy – concealing from his family, girlfriend, and friends that he was a Muslim extremist, not the religiously moderate, pro-American, fun-loving person they knew him to be.

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The alleged hijackers and their doubles

http://911review.org/JohnDoe2/hijackers.html Updated info is here… http//www.team8plus.org/forum_viewforum.php?23 The alleged hijackers and their doubles : Here a brief presentation of the surprising contradictions of several alleged hijackers concerning their language skills. Besides their location and their physical appearance this parameter seems important in … Continue reading